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Film 35mm / 12 min / Chile, France/ 2008

Enrique Ramírez problematizes about Chile’s recent history and memory, questioning and proposing how to revisit it from different perspectives and stories. He invites us to walk through iconic and recognizable areas of the city of Santiago de Chile, on a poetic and political journey, ending this trip crossing the Palacio de la Moneda, symbol of the government but also a place of memories that speak of the past but with the voices of the present referring to a recent period of the history of the country: the government of Salvador Allende, the military coup of Augusto Pinochet and the return to democracy. Breezes refers to the history that remains… refers to memory, to some traces that survive and to others that were forgotten…Sometimes, as mentioned Ramirez, the water clean it all, or sometimes the wind takes it away… “It seems that is necessary be soaked with clean and fresh water, with clean and fresh water, look forward and build a new life, leaving behind ‘other lives’. Remembering his life and the life of many of his generation, what they lived and what they have lost, but also what they have learned “.