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El lento clamor del viento

Water is at the heart of Enrique Ramírez’s work: destructive, purifying, a source of life and death, healing, regenerating… The sea is the pre-symbolic whole from which Ramírez projects his ontological vision as a metaphor expressing the depth of being, its death and perpetual regeneration.
It is through the sea that Ramírez, a navigator, connects people, territories and history. Through the sea, the history of Chile is confronted with its demons, and the great tales of travellers, conquests, migratory flows, immensity, depth, movement and the call of the open sea intersect, touching on the origins of being and the world, their relationship and meaning. […]
Enrique Ramírez speaks of art, of the work of art, as a window opening onto an elsewhere. A window built by questions about the world we have created. For him, creation is the possibility of an elsewhere, of a language that has not yet spoken, but which at the same time comes from the depths of life. Creating is an act of resistance to the world as it is, but also an act of persistence and hope.

Angeles Alonso Espinosa*