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Un hombre que camina

How can we take a new look at the things in our daily lives?
Every time we walk around, we let a lot of images pass by. Invisible images that we often don’t perceive and that we discover the day we are more attentive, when we take a new look, when we pass again in the same place…
I seek to create images from reality, to search for new places and ways of looking at our environment; to detect a trace of humanity in each image.
Every walk, every stroll leads us to find ourselves.
Otherwise, why do we travel?
Man looks at himself, every walk revolves around our feelings, silence, solitude, life, death…
When we walk, we can drape ourselves in a silence that envelops our thoughts and isolates us from the city, from everything that might influence us… I would like to find a place where we would be spectators of the magnitude of the horizon, a place where we could walk forever…


Film: 21 min

Country: Chile and Bolivia

Sound: 5.1