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La memoria verde

Green Memory (2019)


12 min 59 sec

Video, which takes an internal journey through memories and landscapes: The extinction of memory as well as plants and traditions. Through its inhabitants, this film talks about plants, and through them, people and their society.

For the XIII Havana Biennial: The construction of the possible, the curatorial project Seedbeds uses the poetic and political narratives of art in a proposal by Enrique Ramírez, who activates his creative process “as a man who digs “.2 following the stories and images given by the land and its beings, by those who inhabit this geographical space delineated by the sea. The artist in his process unveils memories of men and women who reveal biographies, as well as landscapes. He transports us to the past through voices that shift between memories and experiences, and he harnesses that which has been extinguished, that which resists and transforms, to open us critically to the present.

Luz Muñoz