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Océan, 33°02’47”S / 51°04’00”N

Océan, 33°02’47”S / 51°04’00”N

Is a film made in a sequence shot of 25 days. It is a visual and audible fiction, a trip in a cargo ship crossing the Atlantic from America to Europe, starting from Valparaiso, Chile, to Dunkirk, France.

Ocean’s journey includes sound, visual (film) and written registries (interviews, notes and outlines), obtained in travel to create a poetic installation and a visual book, which are essential elements of the final installation and the exhibition.

Ocean becomes the first art project that with a camera in movement rescues from the beginning until the end, without any cuts, a trip of three weeks of duration. Transferring the real time of that journey towards the space of the gallery to transform the reality in fiction and the travel in a poetic adventure in which image, sound and writing are related, to transfer us to an almost incomprehensible landscape.

MoMA collection