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THE REFLECTING POOL, video sound art, Milan


16 September – 1 October Romano swimming pool

curated by Laura Lamonea


The title of the entire series of interventions is a tribute to Bill Viola’s 1977 masterpiece, and borrows its questions regarding: the relationship between man and the world, the reflection on the power of the image, water as a symbol of rapprochement to an initiatory path.

The exhibitions offer a look at the possibilities of representation of the postmodern landscape and take record of changes, highlighting personal expectations about the future.

I still have everything to put on screamed, as early as in 1985, the postmodern man portrayed in the pages of Tondelli: a fluctuation of combinations, a mix of images and references to the past and the present.

The protagonist of the first section is the Chilean artist ENRIQUE RAMIREZ, finalist of the Duchamp prize to whom Video Sound Art dedicates the first solo exhibition in Italy, at the same time of his show at Centre George Pompidou in Paris.

The idyllic atmospheres of Ramirez’s landscapes are often distorted by a superimposition of signs that transform historical facts into myth, existing places into postmodern dreamlike visions. Dazzling crossings in the salt desert in Bolivia and long oceanic journeys take the shape of new conceptual spaces.
The exhibition, consisting of installations, films, sculptures and photographs, unfolds in the suggestive spaces of the swimming pool, creating correspondences and visual suggestions: the changing rooms, the internal spaces, the liberty-style building, up to the immense swimming pool with three screens on its side.

Also on display is a selection by the artist of materials from the Archives of the Italian Touring Club, protagonist of this year’s open call and residence.