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Enrique Ramirez

new release / Fernweh

Fernweh / Travelling passion

Enrique Ramírez invites us to a sonorous journey, to see sounds and listen to images. 

This album is a compilation of 5 places I have lived in the last 2 years, it is composed of Magical electronic landscapes with modular synthesizers and field recordings, it is a map of the landscape and the mood of the world between the time of the end of what we knew as a normal world to our new normal in 2021. 

is an invitation to enter into the sounds of the landscape and electronic sounds, soft, calm, like an open window in the middle of the landscape. 

listen te album here


released february , 2021

All sounds were created or captured by Enrique Ramírez 

Recorded in Cajon del Maipo Chile, Brussels, Belgium, Iquitos Perú and Lens, France 

Winter 2021

Mastering by La noche del último dinosaurio

Original cover photograph Enrique Ramírez ©